Friday, April 17, 2009

Art for Arts Sake

Who is 'Art'?

I'm still doing the usual gourd art but I want to branch out and do something a little more exciting. I saw some gourd art yesterday that had me inspired and frustrated. How could I ever learn to do some of the things I saw? I guess I should use Google and find out!

(Later) I shouldn't have looked at the Google search results for 'gourd art' as I'm now somewhat pessimistic about my chances of doing something truly fine in this medium. What I should try and remember is the fact that my art is just that…mine. I have a style and look that comes only from me and my imagination. What I need to do is to let my imagination grow! And I think I need a good wood burning set. One that will do very fine lines.

Well, it worked out fine…I've explored on-line and found a good and much less expensive wood burning set. I also found that YouTube has all sorts of videos for alcohol inks and gourd art. I just need to sit down and watch some these and get motivated.



Kitty said...

Good idea...You Tube...I need to get motivated too. Maybe I start with some video. There are 2 guitars and 2 surfboards calling to me.

Ima Wizer said...

Steven, this is a wonderful blog! YOU are incredibly talented and have a truly great sense of style. I teach art for a living and I can tell you, your artwork is terrific.

Please see my new art blog for my students (mostly):

Steven said...

Wow! Thanks - I think you just made my day!

I have your new blog bookmarked and it's part of my art blog list where I go for inspiration.

I enjoy watercolors but I feel a need to work my way into acrylics. Which I started yesterday.

Thanks again...