Tuesday, June 02, 2009

More on TJ

I just made a nice dinner from leftovers. I had half a bag of TJ's Potato Medley, a little more than half of a cooked chicken breast, a banana, and some salad dressing; Wish Bone Simply Santa Fe dressing, to be exact. Cut up the banana and the chicken and then it all goes in the frying pan with the Potato Medley; splash on as much salad dressing as you want along with a splash of olive oil. Now it's stirred frequently on high heat for about 5-8 minutes. Voila! A very tasty and low calorie dinner for two.

But, what is happening with Trader Joe's…I couldn't find any Grillers for the second week in a row and they still don't have any frozen tilapia? Then I spotted some TJ's frozen Veggie Burgers, a new product. Apparently, TJ doesn't want any competition so the Grillers are out. Or so it seems.


Kitty said...

TJ's has grillers here in Phoenix. They were out of the frozen brown rice, but enough people ask for it and now it is back in good supply. I think they are JIT stockers. They stock the shelves "just in time" and so they don't have much waste. Ask when you don't find something. That usually works. Have you tried the frozen cod? Man it is delicious!

Steven said...

You people in Arizona get all the good stuff! But, I did pick up a pkg of Morningstar Tomato Basil Pizza burger. Who knows...And the Trader Joe veggie burger is actually a vegetable Masala burger. Could be good.

Yes, the cod is quite good, in fact, most of the flash frozen fish is good at TJ's.