Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More of something?

I'm continuing with the gourds and finished one more today...

And here is one I'm still playing with. I've discovered that if you dilute Perlacryl acrylics, you can use them as a wash..

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Been a Long Time

I was supposed to make this my eating, reading and art blog...or craft blog if you please. I have left it alone for too long. So here's what I've been doing since I became less than mobile. Gourds. Canteen gourds are my favorite as I can sit down and work on them. Large watercolors, acrylics and stained glass require standing. Can't do that for long. Same with the step stool project. I have the legs for Shannon's step stool, but that is it for awhile (Stay tuned Shannon)

Anyway, the canteen gourds can be done in a minimum of time as they are only 6" in diameter at most. And each feels like a blank canvas, just waiting for me. They also work as pain relievers. I can tune out a lot of stuff when I'm working on one.

I've done a few larger gourds and I will include them here sometime...

This one, below, was one of my early ones and the macro view shows me some sloppy work. Darn! Well, it's the overall look that counts, right?

What are they used for? I fill them with sand and expect that they could be a paper weight.