Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Gourds

A new one...

A different view of the new one

A work in progress

Another one I'm working on

An old one...take a shriveled and useless gourd and make an 'egg for an alien' out of it


Kitty said...

I do like this one! Funny

Kitty said...

I do like the alien egg! Funny.
Do you carve the gourd or burn it with a burner to get the dark lines? The paint is amazing.

Steven said...

I usually pencil in the design and then use the Dremel to carve. Half the time I will then use the V-shape woodburner to make the cut a little deeper. Then I use a Sharpie over that to darken the line uniformly. The paints I love are Perlacryl acrylics and I buy them from Blick. Sometimes I use pigment powder and drop it on the gourd from about 2' high and then spray it with water mist to create gold or bronze highlights