Friday, August 05, 2005

We were in the Sacramento area yesterday, so I thought it might be time to revisit Fins restaurant. I decided to go down Kenneth Avenue on our way to Fins and as we approached Madison Avenue, I was confused…what had happened to the ugly and decrepit shopping center on the corner? There was a new, very upscale shopping center in its place. Yes, it was the right corner; I saw the Sheriffs sub-station sign over the window of a newly remodeled storefront. But…would Fins restaurant still be in its old location? We turned the corner and there it was and the Open sign was lit. Good. Lunch was on.

We noticed that the restaurant hadn’t changed much; there was a new coat of paint on the interior walls that harmonized with the exterior design and there were some new wall decorations. Since Fins is a “seat yourself” kind of place, we chose a booth and were quickly given a menu and some water. The menu hadn’t changed and that’s a good thing/bad thing. Good because the variety and choices are just right, and bad because the prices are just a little high. But that’s not uncommon among fish restaurants. (Why is that?) I ordered the Fish and Chips ($8.95) while Laurae had the Fish Tacos, also $8.95. While our lunch was being prepared we noted once again how pleasant it is to sit in a fish market/restaurant where the aroma of ancient fish is not present at all. Yes, Fins sells fresh fish as well as serving it and the display cases are right there in the restaurant.

The lunch was served promptly and the first thing I noted was the absence of heavy breading on my fish. The fish was light, flaky and done just right. The chips, (fries) were thin and not overdone. A tartar sauce was included and that had just the perfect amount of spice in it and wasn’t half mayonnaise as so many of these tartar sauces are. The only complaint I had was in the malt vinegar selection; Heinz Gourmet is an oxymoron and it lacked any flavor at all. I kept sprinkling it on, hoping that volume might improve the taste, but it only made the fries soggy.

Laurae’s lunch certainly looked good, two tacos with the same light fish that I enjoyed, plus the usual Fins slaw topping. She reported that it was delicious, as always.

All in all, a good lunch, though pricey…$24 for two is not exactly a bargain lunch. But the prices are the same for dinner so dinner might be the better value. And the service is always good. So if you are ever in the neighborhood of Madison and Kenneth, stop and try Fins. (Try the clam chowder and the carrot cake as well) Let me give this restaurant 3 clams out of 5.

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Kitty said...

I am glad to hear that Fins is still in business. Your review brought back memories of great lunches/dinners with Laurae, You, Dean, Me and Mom (or some combination of). I could almost taste the fish and chips! The slaw was always wonderful. That little strip mall was always so awful. Are there any new businesses there?

I am really enjoying your Good Eats Blog....Sometime, when in the area again, see if Mints is still there. I have yet to find a Vietnamese Restaurant that is as good.