Saturday, December 29, 2007

A sharing

a side of Volcanoes !

I was Google'ing for some images of Crystal Hot Sauce and ran across this image. Whoa! Made me wonder? How do you eat them? Carefully, I suppose.

But, back to Crystal Hot Sauce. Forget the Tabasco. Crystal is the 'bomb'. You get flavor with your heat, something that Tabasco can't do.


Kitty said...

We were introduced to Crystal about 4 years ago and now we like nothing else. It is hard to find, though. We can only find it at some Albertsons. Online? I will look.

Steven said...

Let me know if you can't find any...I'll send some.

If you 'google' Crystal Hot Sauce images, you will see that the factory was destroyed by Katrina. I wonder if they are up and running again?