Sunday, December 02, 2007

Art Walk and Dinner

We had made a decision some time ago, that on those art walk evenings, we would try a new restaurant for dinner. Each time. Well, we missed a few months of the art walk and so last night it was time to try one that I had planned on visiting long before this. Priya’s is the name of the restaurant and they specialize in Northern and Southern Indian cuisine. The restaurant is located in one of those typical storefront locations that could be a restaurant this week or could be a bookstore next month. So much for ambiance. But…great food! We had never tried Indian food before and so the experience was a little unnerving; what is this and how do we eat it? It would be great if ethnic restaurants included a primer in their menu. But, with some experimenting, I figured it out and enjoyed the great tastes. It’s all about taste… and Indian food has such a rich variety of them. Little explosions in your mouth. I was little bit bummed that the Sharp’s NA beer, on the menu, wasn’t available and they had no substitute. Overall, a good experience and we will return.

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