Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lamb Stew

Made a good lamb stew tonight. Started with about a pound of lamb stew meat from Raley's, 4 red potatoes, one small yellow onion, some carrots, 4 cloves of garlic and a little bit of green Bell pepper for additional color color.

I cooked the onion and garlic (minced) in the pan with a little olive oil until the onions were soft and golden before setting them aside. Then I cooked the stew meat for about ten minutes in the same pan.
I had a 6x8 dish and I layered 1/2 of the potatoes and carrots on the bottom (carrots were sliced in half, lengthwise)

before adding the lamb and the onion/garlic mixture on top of that.

Then a final layer of potatoes and carrots before adding the 'secret' ingredient...turkey stock, 2 cups. We found these at Raley's for .99 cents each... Turkey broth is more intense than chicken broth, but hard to find. We took the last 4 cartons from the store.

Then I garnished it with the Bell peppers before putting it in a 350 oven for almost 2 hours. I covered the dish with foil for the last 30 minutes.

Spices? Yes! I added fresh ground pepper at each layer and then a liberal shake of Greek seasoning over the top.

It was quite good. Obviously you can add anything you like to a stew like this and it will still be great. I might have used less turkey stock...there was a lot of liquid left in the dish. Maybe 1-1/2 cups instead of 2. And I used red potatoes, you might like another variety. Celery would have been good.

I would have included a few more pictures...but Blogger limited me to 5.

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