Monday, October 09, 2006

Testing...3, and the last

Though I always love the taste and aroma of fresh ground coffee, I hate the grinding! Especially at this early hour. The grinder emits a dreadful howl along with a small cloud of very fine coffee dust. You really don’t see the coffee dust until you run your finger over the tile near the grinder.

But I have completed that chore and have brewed a pot of Folgers Gourmet Selections (whole bean) Vanilla Biscotti coffee.

When I opened the package I was able to enjoy that rush of complex coffee scents. Lovely. Then, when the grinder finished, the kitchen was filled with the aroma of freshly baked biscotti. Really! The Folgers chemists seem to have found the right stuff.

The first cup of coffee was sipped. And I enjoyed it, from first to last sip. The taste was quite pleasant and it seemed to remind me very much of biscotti. The vanilla taste was harder to identify, but it was definitely there.

The second cup (20 minutes old) was better. Richer, and the aroma was more pronounced. The vanilla was now easy to find.

The third and final cup (45 minutes old) is still very much a sipping cup. Good flavor and good aroma. It really hasn’t changed much from the taste of the second cup.

This is certainly the best of the three coffees from Folgers. But it is a whole bean coffee and although I love it, would I buy it? I certainly would if the taste and aroma could come through in a ground coffee package. For that first cup in the morning, I’m looking for great taste and a pleasing aroma and not having to switch on a grinder to get it. This would be a great coffee for later in the day…

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