Sunday, July 02, 2006

Grilla Bites

An odd name for sure. It's a salad bar and a juice bar and they just opened up a second location in Chico.

"Organic, Natural & Local" is their claim and everything looked fresh and inviting. We tried the salad bar where the price is determined by the weight of your salad, an interesting idea. But it does make you much does a strawberry weigh? Should I add those heavy walnuts? Ah, mushrooms are light!

I can't comment on the service as it's all self-serve, but the location and ambience are just fine. A new business center with tables available around an outdoor fountain. And we were asked if we needed "Anything else? Water?" by at least three different members of the staff. Yes, we're going to go again. It's a perfect place for dinner on a hot summer day.

According to the business card I picked up, they also have locations in Medford and Ashland, Oregon.

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