Friday, June 23, 2006


The How How restaurant on Muldoon Road in east Anchorage. It's attached to the Ramada Quite Limited hotel where we stayed and was the site for our "free" breakfast, included with the room.

It's a Chinese restaurant and it's furnished in an overwhelming display of red, gold and black lacquer. Except for the carpet, which was worn and dirty. I had a feeling we were in for an exceptional treat when I noted the prominent sign as we entered. "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!" Not a "Welcome! Please wait to be seated." sign, just a clear reminder of who was in charge!

Here's a photo I found on the internet...not very clear, but neither was the restaurant.

There was plenty of cholesterol on the menu and liberal helpings of sweets. And odd...a big pan full of fried chicken wings. I have a feeling that they were left over from dinner the night before.

Do yourself a favor and skip this restaurant. In fact, I tried Googling How How and got no hits at all. Apparently it's unknown...until now.

Here's a view of the Ramada...note the proximity to the Golden Arches, a close rival to the How How.

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