Sunday, July 31, 2005

I was looking through the data from my old expense account tracking software and sure enough, there were some favorite restaurants listed. Quite a few actually…and one of those favorites isn’t even a restaurant, it’s a market. Larry’s Market is a small chain (6) of very good markets with a huge selection of food you won’t see anywhere else. Sort of like Trader Joe’s on steroids.

Whenever I was working in the Woodinville, Washington office, I would stay at the Silver Cloud Inn in Kirkland and right across the street was a Larry’s Market. As soon as I had checked in I would cross the street and go directly to the sushi department in the store. A sushi chef was right there, in the store, making fresh rolls and samplers. My favorite was the Larry’s Special Combo, with 4 different kinds of sushi, 2 pieces each, and all for just $5.69

If you’re ever in Washington, I highly recommend a visit to Larry’s. If you don’t care for sushi, they have a large selection of more typical take-out foods available. Or maybe you will want to fill your picnic basket with items from their great delicatessen. It’s all good!

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