Thursday, March 06, 2008

Alta Marie's

Bakery and Soup Shop

Yes, it is located on the Planet Orland and right downtown. To the north of the old theater. We stopped for breakfast this morning and had the typical bacon, eggs and hash browns...with a muffin. This is a bakery, after all.

The shop is a real working bakery with just enough room for about 5 tables in the back, but it's also a wireless 'hot spot' and so I was able to get on-line with my Palm and read the Times and note that Alicia had posted something to my blog. All while I was enjoying breakfast! The eggs were done just right and the bacon was crisp and not soggy at all. The serving size was just right as well. Not so large that you were challenged to finish it, which is the trademark of the Kolesterol Kitchen, just down the street.

We were tempted by the Cinnamon French Toast, but it sounded a little richer than our diets allowed. Next time. And we need to come back and try the soups, for lunch.

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