Saturday, November 24, 2007

More Books

I have been reading an interesting book and I finished it over the holiday, Open Me, by Sunshine O’Donnell. It’s her first book. The reviews you see on the Powell’s website are fairly close to my reality. An interesting book, but sometimes hard to follow. What I did find fascinating though, was the author’s bio with her interest in, “…creative writing, visual art, and quantum physics.”

Of course I had to find out if professional mourning is really illegal or was it just a fictional piece of the authors plot. I found it difficult to believe that it could be illegal; maybe tasteless, but I couldn’t imagine it being something you would go to jail for. I Googled all the possibilities but could find no definitive answer.

And while I was on the Powell’s website, I saw the other book I finished, Divisidero, by Michael Ondaatje. A very good book. But, I have to wonder… is the author interested in quantum physics?

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