Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Rice Bowl - on the Esplanade

We went back to the Rice Bowl restaurant last night and I can report that it was a pretty good meal...but first a few comments. It was partly our fault, we really need to speak up when we are seated next to another party when the restaurant is only 20% filled as it was when we arrived last night. And sure enough...we were seated next to a chatty crowd, making our own conversation difficult. OK, so why does this happen? Wouldn't it be a nice gesture to seat everyone with a buffer of at least one table between them? But, as I said...we should have spoken up. And we will.

The service was good and there were no delays. And this restaurant has both a Chinese and a Japanese menu...feel free to order from either one. I went for the Japanese menu, ordering the Miso soup, a Salmon Skin salad and a Volcano roll with Spicy Tuna. The miso was slightly salty and missing the rich taste I am so fond of. It was sort of watery? But the Salmon Skin Salad was a winner! Lightly fried strips of salmon skin with a fancy selection of greenery. The Volcano roll was also a good choice. Spicy tuna sushi with a fancy orange cap of ground salmon. The rest of our party had Chinese and reported that it was quite good as well.

I guess we'll be back. I would give it 3.75 stars...I would have given them 4 stars, but they serve no non-alcoholic beer. That's a must for any restaurant that wants my business on a regular basis.

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